Oct 2007

Suzanne's Angels in the Free Venice Beachhead

at suzannes
We're featured in this month's Beachhead! Read the story on page 10.

This is a photo of Suzanne's hand-hewn art home on day 2 of my odyssey.

Had I known I'd be riding through snow or that I'd break down on the Alaska Highway, would I have ventured out on the long ride north?


Would I do it all again?

In a heartbeat.


Back in Venice Safe and Sound

arrived home
It's a bizarre place, California. The main item on the news here last night, despite the people of Myanmar crying out for international support, was Brittney's loss of custody of her children. God Bless America. And everywhere I look, people are unconsciously consuming stuff, acquiring brand new bling to adorn their cars, homes, bodies. Silicone, botox, restylane, and collagen fill lips, breasts, foreheads and cheeks of women walking by.

This madness would not be tolerated in the Yukon. You'd be laughed out of town if you showed up in Dawson with ass fat in your face.

Yes! I'm finally back in Venice, 13,654 kilometres, 8,484 miles and six weeks from departure day, August 19 - 700kms less than it would be had I not been carried off the Alaska Highway by
Angels. I'll get used to not being out on the open road soon...or not.

Henk barely made it back. He's due for a major overhaul and got me here grudgingly. Not sure he wanted to be back in California. Or perhaps he sensed the journey coming to an end and didn't want to be put out to pasture. He started acting up almost as soon as we crossed the state line from Oregon, grinding rough in the low gears and hesitating to start after a fill. But I held my breath and he got me here without incident.

I'll get him the attention he needs over the winter.

It's nice to be at the end of this odyssey. It'll take me a few days to assimilate back into "normal" life, several days for my body to move freely again after stiffening bones on steel in wind, rain and snow, and a few weeks to gather up the hundreds of minutes of video I took from the road, edit them into some short movies, have them
expertly music supervised, and post them here.

For the moment, I'm luxuriating in safety and shelter, plotting my next adventure from the comfort of an overstuffed chair with the help of my overweight, affection-starved kitty.