Jul 2009

Henk 2.0

It's a hot sunny day today. The same kind of dry-heat-wave-hot as the day, one year ago, Henk blew up. But today, Henk did not blow up. No, today, Henk purred like a contented kitty, happy as hell to be back on the pavement. Me too. I'm happy as hell to be back in BC, home away from home, beginning another adventure with Henk (2.0).

Yes, Henk has been rebuilt from gasket to sprocket to spline and he's good as new. I stopped in to say thank you to Scott at Kaotic. He didn't charge me enough for the job he did, so I brought him a case of Bud - not that that makes up for his generosity, but it'll keep him cool when the workday's done.

We just went as far as Greenwood, about 80kms down the road, to test the rebuild, get the fluids flowing, get Henk used to flying again after an idle winter of open heart surgery. No one dared ride him after he was fixed. Apparently he was giving off the air of a dog loyal to one master.

I had to turn around at Greenwood or I'd have simply continued on down the road, ignoring all responsibilities and appointments until September. It was sweet and it felt like home, but I've still got friends to see, an episode of
"One Meatless Meal" to shoot, and a lot of work to do before the adventure begins in a week. Stay tuned. Come by often. Say hi in the comments section. It's gonna be another great adventure!

May the great spirits bring you guidance and a safe journey ~ Johnny McPhee, Watson Lake, Yukon

Pics from the Healing Grounds






henk rebuilt

Thank you kevin and Leah for monitoring Henk's operation and recovery! Scott at Kaotic Custom Choppers is the man. THANK YOU, Scott!!! Can't. Wait.